LOWISA 48 — August 3-10, 2013
The greatest freshwater sailing race on earth

What is LOWISA?
Lake of the Woods International Sailing Association

Options for Participation
Bring your own boat
Crew on another boat: crew opportunities will be posted on Facebook
Possibly charter boat — limited

Should I bring my own boat?
Yes! There are one or two charter boats they are trying to secure but they are limited. If you have a trailerable boat by all means bring it.

Do I have to race?
No, you can choose to race or to leisurely sail.

What are the safety requirements?
All boats are required to have a VHF radio, a GPS, four charts of Lake of the Woods
Charts can be purchased in Kenora, or bought online at: LAKE OF THE WOODS
Other safety requirements based on boat size are posted on the LOWISA website

Can I use a daysailor?
Yes, but with a daysailor you must be able to securely store your gear. It may be possible to find another boat that will store extra gear. We will be camping six nights of the trip so you must bring camping gear and cooking gear and supplies. Groups of daysailors can join together and rent a houseboat to store gear, cook, restrooms, some sleeping available

What if there is no wind?
Boats without motors are not a problem because boats will tow non-motorized boats if necessary. There will be a robust support crew.

Houseboat Rental:
Houseboat rental costs $2,500 – $3,000 per week. Houseboats contain a kitchen, bathroom, place to hold extra junk. Fuel costs is estimated to be $300. You can choose to sleep on the houseboat or camp.

What is included in the registration fee?
Putting boat into the water and taking it out
2 full dinners
several events during the week
race committee and support crew

What I am I responsible to provide?
Boat, camping gear, food for approximately six days
Bring rain gear and some warm clothing

What about the lodge? Is there camping?
Yes if you prefer to camp at the lodge there is no cost

Total estimated cost:
Travel cost to Kenora, Canada — depending on vehicle
Food costs based on individuals. 2 dinners are provided
LOWISA registration fee: $175 per boat if racing, $125 if not racing
Kenora campground?
Buena Vista Campground: Free
Buena Vista Resort: Cabins $100-$115 per night for two people
Optional costs:
Houseboat rental —
Do the campgrounds we stay in while sailing cost money? NO, all camping is free

When should I arrive?
Festivities start on Saturday afternoon. It is an 8 hour drive from Minneapolis, not counting time at the border. The Lieders will be driving up on Friday, August 2nd and home on August 11th

Daily Schedule:
August 2 — drive to Kenora
August 3 — camp in Kenora, barbeque dinner provided
August 4 — first day of sailing, camp on island
August 5 — second day of sailing, camp on island
August 6 — third day of sailing, stay in lodge or camp
August 7 — What activities??????, stay in lodge or camp
August 8 — fourth day of sailing, camp on island
August 9 — fifth day of sailing, camp on island
August 10 — sixth day of sailing, back to Kenora, dinner, awards ceremony, 5:00
August 11 — drive back to Minneapolis

Want more information?
Hannah Lieder: 612-636-7202,

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