Boys and their ideas

A whole crew of neighbor boys came over to the house yesterday to eat some fresh homemade chocolate chip cookie I was making.  While the boys were waiting for the cookies, they picked up my single squirt gun and started playing with it.  Then they started fighting about who gets the squirt gun.  Plus they kept asking to come in the house to fill it up.   So I filled a bucket with water and brought it outside so they could fill the squirt gun without asking to come in the house and bother me.  And I told them to take turns with the gun.

A few minutes later I heard the boys laughing and having a good old time.  What was going on, were they being nice to each other for once?  They were playing with a rubber snake that Carlyle had found and they came up with a new game: Bob for the Snake.  They put the rubber snake into the bucket of water and then they took turns sticking their head into the bucket and grabbing the snake with their teeth.  They thought it was great fun, even more fun than bobbing for apples.  It entertained them for a good hour.

If you have kids that tell you they are bored, maybe you can suggest they go out and play Bob for the Snake!


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