Cleaning stations and ducks without wings

This morning we had an idyllic walk along the Mississippi River and then we stopped to dangle our feet in the water on the dock and enjoy the perfect weather.  After a few minutes minnows started nibbling on our feet.  It didn’t hurt, it just surprised us with the first peck. They spent considerable time nibbling between Carlyle’s toes.  We decided it was because his feet were dirty and the fish were operating like a cleaning station.  Look it up in wikipedia. Little wrassle and crabs climb right into the mouth and gills of large fish eating off the parasites.  The big fish will wait in line for their turn to get cleaned.


We’ve been watching the ducks all spring.  They had their young and now they’ve molted their feathers.  They can’t fly until their feathers regrow.  One duck stretched out its wing and flapped it wing stub.  It looked funny.  We sat on one side of the dock and the ducks sat on the other.  They didn’t even seem bothered by Andy dog.


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