Prison Theology

Yesterday I got a letter from a young man in prison. He write to me at least once a week, sometimes more often than that. A few weeks ago, he told me he was reading the Bible from cover to cover to see if its true. Based on his letter yesterday, I don’t think he’s very impressed.

Here is what he wrote: “In the Bible it says we will be judged when we die. Believe that? Not only do we suffer on earth but also when we die. That’s like double jeopardy! I believe in reincarnation. I believe we move on to a different life. If there is a god why did he come at a time when it couldn’t be properly recorded? Why is it ‘a wicked man’s heart’ to want a sign of his existence? Why is god’s way to answer our prayers mysterious? Because there isn’t no god. Who created space and earth? Maybe nothing did. Maybe life is a big mistake. The spirit and soul isn’t the only thing that dies. So does your brain and heart! If god wanted us to praise him, and only him so bad, he’d show up annually. Why thousands of years ago? Oh yeah and he had personal relationships with a selected few. And talked to people, but that doesn’t happen anymore! It’s because the Bible is a man made creation to help govern society. The ten commandments sound a lot like laws. It’s breaking a commandment to murder someone but the Bible makes it right when it’s done for your country! My opinion is life is pain and struggle and then you die. And then you live another life possible better than the last one. Or worse. Guess we’ll find out. But it would suck if hell is real and I’m like, ‘Shit, I should have been a believer’.”

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