Minneapolis Swims fundraiser July 23rd

I have a lot of news about Minneapolis Swims.

Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 1.57.57 PM

We have a new logo.

We are updating our website in a few days with a lot of new content and our new logo: http://www.mplsswims.org

We have a fundraiser with the Wolves Den at the Midtown Festival on July 23, 2011.  Come and say hi.

We have a $2.1 million dollar bonding bill at the state that may be passed soon if the government can pass a budget!!

The kids are helping with publicity and fundraising.  Why?  They want to save the swimming pool so they can learn to swim.


The kids swam in the river at our last Trash Pickup initiative.  I am a Red Cross WSI and have lifeguard training.  I had to go into the water and get one of the kids that got a little too brave.   They need swimming lessons.


The kids made this from an old Dominos car top banner.


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