The glorious outdoors

On Wednesday I took Ahmed to Moir Park in Bloomington to make a bat house as part of an REI event.  We made a bat house and then went for a walk along 9-mile Creek.  We walked across some rocks into the creek to look inside a drainage pipe.  Ahmed dropped his water bottle and it went floating down the creek.  He tried to catch it but it was moving too fast so we ran to the next creek crossing.  We heard people laughing in the woods so we went to find out what was going on.

A father and his two sons were playing on two large, springy tree branches that had fallen over.  Ahmed quickly joined in the play.  He did a bunch of pull-ups.  Check out the video below.  Walking back, Ahmed commented about how quiet it was in the woods.  He wanted to see a beaver, but we didn’t.  I thought we would see a deer, but we didn’t.


And here is our bat house.  We are going to hang it in the tree on the boulevard.  The house should be at least ten feet off the ground and facing south, or southwest.  Bats like to cuddle and they like to be warm.


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