Clean Booty

After years of wishing, I finally got a bidet for the upstairs toilet.  Oh boy, is it wonderful.  Thank you Kevin!  The installation was not without its challenges though.  Our toilet has the toilet and tank integrated together.  Kevin had to cut the plastic flanges off the toilet seat and replace them with hollow screw gaskets.  But now that it’s installed, it works perfectly.  Bidets are common in Europe and the Middle East.  Once you’ve used one, you’ll want one for yourself.  But I don’t think Kevin and Matt are convinced yet.

For those of you who don’t know, a bidet is a butt shower.  Rather than use toilet paper, you spray your private parts with water.  It’s cleaner and healthier, and it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly to use (less toilet paper).  Here is the Bidematic brand bidet attachment.  The sprayer is snug against the side of the toilet until you use it.  Then you move the lever to put the sprayer wand in the proper position.


Then you turn the knob with the blue dot to spray the water.


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