A Birthday Bash

A Monday night birthday bash to celebrate Matt, Lisa and Duane’s birthdays.  We couldn’t have done it without Bill who procured the bonfire, the frybread, and the potato salad.  Thanks to North House Church for the gifts, the pinata, and the snacks.  Thanks to Curt for the pop, the firewood, and the JointCare for Andy dog!

Birthday guy Duane, Bill the Hero, Ayman, David

Andy doesn’t like the pinata

Those who control the pinata: Ray, Kevin, Curt, Matt, Quanah

Happy 19th birthday Matt!!!!!

Happy Birthday Lisa — she broke the pinata.  Do not get in a fight with this girl.

Candy free for all.

Sweet fire.  We’ve got to get ourselves one of these.  A bonfire in the backyard was great.

Sweet, sweet David.

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