I hate racists and liars

Today I took two neighbor kids to the YWCA to go swimming.  We had a good time.  I swam 40/80 laps.  The boys played with the rings and rockets and the mask and snorkel.  We dove together in the deep end chasing the submarine rocket.

When I was getting dressed in the locker room I overheard two black women making racist comments about white people.  They were talking between themselves but they were talking loud enough for me and anyone else in the locker room to hear them 15 feet away.  Then they started laughing about their comments and then they left.  When I was finished in the locker room, I went to the front desk and asked what to do when you hear racist comments that make you uncomfortable.  After all, one of goals of the YWCA is to eliminate racism.  They told me to call the building manager.  Ok, next time I’ll do that.

I’ve lost my patience with this type of crap.  I’ve had it with do-gooders that think that only white people can be racist.  No doubt there are racist people of ever color.   But the only time I’ve ever heard outright racist comments, they were made by either Indians or Blacks.  I’m really tempted to tell these women what disgusting human being they are if they ever make comments like that around me again.  And I hope they get their sorry asses kicked out of the YWCA.

Driving home from the WYCA I started thinking about how mad I am at Mark for stealing my computer and for all the racist, disgusting, lying comments he made about me.  I decided I wasn’t going to care about people any more.  I was going to lock my door and tell anybody that comes around to go find some other idiot to abuse — I’m done.  I want to be left alone.  I want everyone to take their problems and go elsewhere.

But as I was driving up to the house there were three kids at the door who I haven’t seen in about three years.  They have had a sorry life — both parents are big-time druggies.  They were happy to see me and they wanted me to take them bike riding.  Seeing them kind of softened my anger, but I didn’t give them my bikes to use.

I’m also ticked off at the police officer who is investigating the theft of Graeme’s computer.  I was upset with him on Friday because of his rotten attitude towards me.  He had talked to the thief and the thief told the officer that I had reported this computer stolen three times in the past, hinting that I was scamming the insurance company and falsely claiming theft.  I asked the officer if he had checked to see if I had ever reported this, or any other computer stolen.  Yes he had and I had never reported any computers stolen.  I told him the thief is a liar.  Then he tells me that the thief insinuated that my son Graeme had stolen the computer from Brown College and he didn’t really own the computer.  Another bald faced lie!!  So I had to go to the police station and get a copy of the police report to fax to Brown College so they will release the serial number and ownership information for the computer to the police department.  I was really mad the whole day.  I felt the police officer was forgetting that I’m the VICTIM in this case and the thief is a known thief and liar.

The thief even had the nerve to spread around town that I’m narking people out when HE is the one who has been narking on people for years.  For him it’s an easy way to put $20.00 in his sorry pocket rather than to actually have a job and work for the money.

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