Let’s all send the dog some love

The poor dog. He’s been clawed in the nose by Lucy three times that have drawn blood. Then he got scolded yesterday for barking at a kitty that was crawling on him and playing with his feet. Then he got stung by a wasp this morning. So let’s send Andy some love.


The kitties are hitting full-out play mode now that they are almost five weeks old. They are beyond adorable. We still have two kitties that need homes and I’m waiting to get the final confirmation on two more. Two are officially adopted. Here are the two that need a home.


We call her Cueball because the dark on her head looks like a cue ball, her back has a triangle of balls that look like they are ready to be broken, and her tail looks like a cue stick.


And this is an adorable tan tabby the neighbor kids have named Garfield. We really want good homes for these disadvantaged kitties. Please spread the word. They are great cats because they have been handled from the time they were born. When I call them, they all come running. They love people.

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