Hurrah!! Our first official kitty adoptions!

We have officially adopted the first two disadvantaged kitties to the Hanto family of Apple Valley, Rosemount.   They adopted two kitties: the biggest and the smallest of the litter.  It will be fun in the years ahead to see how much different the two cats become.  And we have the first officially named kitty: Dice!  This is Nikki and Dice.

This is Tony and the gray kitty.


This is Bosco and Dad, Paul.


This is Bosco checking the important parts of Dice.


Dice has come a long way.  This is Dice and her gray sister at two weeks old.


I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled, that the kitties got such a great home.   We are having an adoption barbeque on September 20th for all adoptive families.  Everyone will get their kitties, adoption certificates, birth CD, and a big celebration dinner.   Check the Disadvantaged Cats website for family bios and cat updates.  The Hanto family bios will be going up this weekend.

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