Now this is funny

Take a close look.  That crazy kitty is trying to suckle on Andy.  The kitties turned four weeks old on Wednesday.  Last night two of them — including this one in the picture — climbed into my bed and laid down on my chest and started purring.  When they see me in the house they come running.  These kitties are going to make very good pets.


Lucy used to be terrified of Andy.  Look at her now.  She nursed her kitties right next to the dog.


I found this bird in the Greenway yesterday.  It was injured.  It was bleeding from its back and it is missing all but one of its tail feathers.  Poor thing.  I sent Mark on to the market to buy chicken.  I took the bird to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville, MN.   I added a link to them in the blogroll.  Tomorrow I’ll call on its status.  They said it looked alert so that’s good.


While I was bbqing my chicken dinner, the neighbor boys decided to cook me a cherry pie.  Mmmm . . .  If you look close at the second picture you can see the cherries (crab apples).  The pie is topped with some hot cheetos.  Who could ask for anything more?



And Happy Birthday Adam!!!


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