Why every house should have a cat

Naomi writes on Facebook yesterday that she is fighting a mouse infestation. I suggested she get one of our kitties to solve her problem. Right on schedule both Midnight and Nico caught mice this morning. She was meowing insistently so I went to see what her problem was. She had a mousie. Good kitty.


Killed the mouse — so sad.


The kitties turned 3 weeks old yesterday and the adorable factor continues to increase. Here are four of the kitties available for adoption:





We are setting up a Disadvantaged Cats website in honor of Graeme. Everyone who adopts a cat will get a beautiful Disadvantaged Cat adoption certificate suitable for framing. They will also get their bio and their kitties bio on the website along with a space for pictures to keep us updated throughout the life of the adopted cat.


Please adopt one of my babies!!!

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