Kitty update

Lucy, her official name, had six kitties.  I thought she had more inside because her belly was still so big after six, but that just shows my ignorance of cat anatomy and pregnancy.  Lucy got very sick after the delivery.  She was so sick that by Saturday I thought she was going to die.  I’ll spare you all the gross details.  It took a good week for her to gain control of her back end and start eating and drinking again. 

The kitties have more than doubled in size.  Their eyes are open and they are adorable.  Here is a picture of the newborn kitties.


Here is what they look like now.


Lucy has been adopted.  We are looking for excellent homes for the six kitties.  All adoptive families will have their bio, photos, the kitty’s bio, and an ongoing website to keep us posted on their kitty’s life.  All adoptive families will also receive a fine adoption certificate designed by Kevin.  

We have two boys, the tan kitties, and four girls.  Look at how adorable they are.  Sucking their thumbs.


This is the runt.  She is still so little. 


A close up.


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