Daddy-O took a tumble

My dad fell in the living room and scraped his face on the carpeting. He’s got a rug burn on his forehead and nose. He hit his face so hard it’s swollen under his eyes. He got dizzy after standing up too long entertaining the neighbor girl. It’s hard seeing him get older.


The cat continues to get bigger. I hope she doesn’t have eight kitties. I was reading about cats this morning to learn more about what the signs are of imminent delivery and read this: “The future of pregnant stray cats is bleak at best. They may successfully give birth to a litter of kittens, only to see them die, one by one, either as a result of poor nutrition of the mother cat; defects caused by FeLV or FIV; or killed by tom cats or other predators. Those that are picked up by animal control officers or well-meaning passersby and taken to kill shelters are almost always euthanized. Many rescue groups make a practice of regularly visiting such shelters, to snatch pregnant cats from their date with death.”


I’m going to post delivery video if she has them during the day.

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