Happy Memorial Day

I’m back in the swing of things. On Saturday we finished our 3-weeks of sailing classes at the Wayzata Yacht Club that taught us how to be good crew members. The session ended with a Graduation Cup race around Lake Minnetonka. We had a good stiff breeze which made for a fast, fun race but we finished last. Boo!


After the race we had beverages and pleasantries with Captain Bruce. Little by little we are gaining knowledge thanks to the generosity of sailors like Captain Bruce who share their boats and experience with newbies like us.


Last Saturday we packed up a picnic lunch and went sailing on Medicine Lake. Actually we attempted to sail: we never got out onto the lake. We got stuck on the lee shore and eventually had to have Tony hop in the water and pull us back to the dock. We made several mistakes: raised the jib first, (my fault) didn’t put the centerboard down, attached the main but didn’t raise it. After an hour of spinning in circles, rowing like crazy and disturbing the ducks nesting in the reeds along the shore we decided to go have lunch and then try again. But by the time we finished lunch it started to rain and that was the end of our sailing. Sound like fun? It was!!!

Rigging the boat for our attempted sail.


Taking rigging down. One minute after this photo was taken it started pouring.


The Muscle who saved the day and got into the water and towed us back to the dock.


Lunch! Pastrami and cheese sandwiches with Carlyle’s delicious potato salad and Little Debby snacks for dessert.


Buddy begging for pastrami.


I accidentally washed and dried my headphones in the washing machine. They came out of the dryer all tangled up but they still worked!


Hard to believe we hit 99 degrees on May 14th AND it was sunny for like three days in a row. Imagine that.


Yesterday we visited Johnna and met Robert Clay from Jamaica. He built this clever grill from an abandoned fuel tank. This contraption isn’t pretty but it works great. It’s wood fired although you can use charcoal and even rig it up to use propane if desired. He can use it as a smoker too. It cost him $50 bucks for the whole thing. Robert took his grill and spent several days in north Minneapolis, at his own expense, feeding people who were working on the tornado cleanup. He offered to give Carlyle a cleaned fuel tank to make his own grill.




Carlyle is guarding my tulips. Buddy (bad dog) trampled them all spring in his crazy chasing around the yard. I put the lawn chairs across his path to stop him. First chance he got he went in from behind and bit a tulip bloom right off the plant. Now we have the chairs completely surrounding the tulips.


We took D’Shawn hiking on Sunday and he raced Buddy. D’Shawn is fast but he’s no match for the Buddster who is the fastest dog at the dog park.




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