Three weeks of pervasive laziness

I intended to keep this blog updated weekly and just like that three weeks flew by with no new posts. I have many excuses as to why: the weather was cold and cloudy, we haven’t been sailing yet, I spent way too much time mindlessly cruising the internet, I got obsessed with Breaking Bad, I was just being lazy. But I did get the boat trailer painted, discovered an eagle nest with two Bald Eagles in residence, found my first geocache cache, took our first sailboat racing class, attended my first precinct delegation and voted for the winner — Alondra Cano, and took Buddy for many walks.

I’ve been doing plenty of thinking too. And plenty of feeling sorry for myself. I’m definitely experiencing some serious ennui — like nothing is worth the effort. I’ve been eating too much just because I’m bored.

Here is the trailer right after I started painting and Kevin had removed the two wooden cradles.


The roller painted a jaunty gold.


The finished trailer with Kevin’s new cradle complete with matching blue carpeting and orange nails.


It’s funny to remember back when Buddy was a little puppy he was so afraid of riding in the car he would throw up. Now he’s as obsessive about going with me as Andy. He jumped into the car and wouldn’t get out. When I reached in to pull him out he jumped into the driver’s seat. When I tried to grab him from the driver’s seat he climbed under the steering wheel. He’s a funny dog.


Here’s Buddy with a big stick he fished out of the water.


Here’s my first geocache find. It didn’t have much inside.


One of my favorite places to be — on the road.


The sailboat on the clever contraption Kevin made.


The sailboat on it’s new trailer looking good. Before and after.



Day one of sailing school. Too bad it was cold and windy. We didn’t get to go out on the water.


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