April snow: 103 days and counting

Today is April 20th, 2013. We have exactly 103 days to learn to race our sailboat before the start of LOWISA on August 3rd. As each April snow delays spring, our time to learn grows shorter. And with the temperature 20 degrees below normal we may still have ice on the lakes in May. I’ve looked into taking racing classes but they are expensive. I’m thinking instead of joining the Wayzata Yacht Club so we can race often this summer. They have a robust sailing schedule all summer and run a great sailing program for kids.

April 19th, 2013:




Earlier this week a stray cat took up residence on our back porch. Buddy was not happy about it and his barking brought Nico who was even more unhappy.


Tuesday I attended the DFL caucus and became a delegate for both the 9th Ward and city elections. Being a delegate allows me to have a bigger voice for the issues that are important to me: kids, the outdoors, education and swimming.


Last night I attended a screening of Nefarious: Merchant of Souls at CityLife Church. Breaking Free facilitated the screening. This was a very disturbing movie. The horror of sex trafficking is beyond comprehension.

But I have an issue with redefining the term ‘prostitution’ to ‘sex trafficking’. Both exist. Both are exploitative. But to call all prostitution sex trafficking diminishes the absolute horror of actual sex trafficking. Women and girls who have been kidnapped and taken against their will and forced into prostitution are complete victims. Women involved in prostitution of their own choice will almost always be victimized and it is an awful lifestyle but they can quit. And often chemical dependency drives their prostitution; they sell sex to pay for drugs. This is a different situation from actual sex trafficking and I think the terms should be kept separate.

I recommend this movie:


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