Ready, set — a whole lot of not much

There have been many complaints about the weather this spring 2013 and now I’m no exception. This never-ending winter is getting on my nerves. We went to Clearwater on Saturday to check on the sailboat. We hoped to pick up the trailer and bring it back to Minneapolis to rebuild the cradle. No way — St. Cloud has a foot of new snow.



We can be thankful we aren’t living in Bismarck, North Dakota. Look at all the snow they got over the weekend. This photo is from my friend Michelle.


Sunday we found our first geocache — Hiawatha and Minnehaha. It took me a while to figure out how to use our new GPS and now I understand why it’s easy to get lost or get into a sticky situation if you’re not paying attention. The GPS shows a straight-line to the cache; it does not show the path to get there. Our friends Donny and Kay Stellflug do a lot of geocaching and they’ve told stories of getting stuck in swamps because they weren’t paying attention to where they were walking.


Sunday I gave Buddy his first haircut using Kevin’s brand new clippers. I attempted to make him look like Buddy the Lionhearted. I’ll do better next time.


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