LOWISA — two steps forward

It’s April 11th and it’s snowing. According to the weather report it may snow on and off for the next four days. The average temperature for this time of year is 58 degrees. We are 20 degrees below normal. Do I care? Only slightly. Yes, I would love to be frolicking outside without a jacket, soaking up the sun, dreaming of fair winds and fast racing. But we got two things in the mail this week that made the sailing season seem ever-so-much-closer: a Garmin Montana 650t GPS and three nautical charts of Lake of Woods from the Canada Hydrographic Service. We only have to buy a VHF radio, a compass and a plotter and we will have all the equipment we need for LOWISA. We are going to Clearwater on Saturday to pick up our sailboat trailer and bring it back to the house so Kevin can begin rebuilding the cradle.



What a crazy forecast for April.


Our new GPS and nautical charts.


Dreaming of summer.


Enjoying winter. Oops I mean spring.


Kevin bought me flowers on Sunday. They are still beautiful.



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