How did they survive?

I finished the book “A Storm Too Soon.” This is the Sean Seamour II’s 8-foot life-raft on the side of a mountain of water. These still photos are taken from the raw video footage of the USCG rescue. How did these three guys survive? How did the USCG rescue them in these conditions?



This storm, Andrea, came out of nowhere and within a day produced winds in excess of 85 knots and waves averaging 70 feet with rouge waves much higher. Andrea formed as two nondescript low pressure cells merged at the Gulf Stream off the coast of North Carolina. No wonder sailors feel angst at crossing the Gulf Stream. What treachery it can produce.

The sailboat Sean Seamour II sunk but all three crew members were rescued by the USCG. Here is the website of the sailboat’s owner, Jean Pierre de Lutz: Arts and Provence. The website has photos of the Sean Seamour II, more information on the storm and the rescue, and an autobiography of Jean Pierre. I’d love to meet him.

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