Where is spring?

Spring is certainly taking its merry time coming this cold 2013. While we wait, wait, wait for the ice to melt from the lakes and rivers (and our backyard fire pit) I read. Today I bought two books Fatal Forecast: An Incredible True Tale of Disaster and Survival at Sea and A Storm Too Soon: A True Story of Disaster, Survival and an Incredible Rescue I hope both books include a lot of weather and storm information.

I’ve been struggling again with my worry problem. Yesterday I got frustrating news and it set off every one of my worry triggers: awfulizing, obsessing, panic, anxiety, fear, despair. Is this dumb or what? I mean really, I have one life to live and I’m making myself miserable for no valid reason. Worry ruins everything. So why do I do it? Do I like to make myself miserable?

Random photos of the week: Buddy being a good dog.


Buddy when he chews my shoes! Bad dog Buddy!


After quite a hiatus we are back into pizza making mode. This is a fire-roasted tomato and blue cheese pizza before and after cooking.


Buddy loving up Kevin after chewing his shoes. We need to get some bitter apple spray because he can’t help himself.


Our fire pit. The photo doesn’t depict well the amount of standing water in the center. Hopefully we will be able to have a bonfire next weekend.


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