Bald eagle bonding and a sailboat name

Yesterday I took Buddy down to the river for his regularly scheduled most-favorite-thing-in the-world walk. Right away we met up with a couple of dogs that liked to run as much as Buddy does. After a few minutes of high speed frolicking with his friends we took off walking alone together down the beach. A few minutes later I spotted a Bald Eagle circling overhead; around and around it flew coming ever lower and closer to me with each lap. The eagle was hunting what it thought was something edible on the surface of the water. When it went in for the kill the eagle flew within 20 feet of me and as it flew by I could hear the whiiish, whiiish of the wind coming off its wings. Very cool! Very powerful! And with every lap as the eagle came closer to me Buddy barked and took a circle around me. Unfortunately the eagle got skunked — his tasty morsel turned out to be a stick. I wish I would have remembered to take photos but I was so enraptured with the experience I completely forgot about my camera.

I’ve seen bald eagles in the wild before and often down at the river but this the the closest I’ve ever been to one. It felt like it was a special bonding moment between me and the eagle. I was even holding out my arm hoping it would land. I wonder if it would have gotten closer if Buddy hadn’t been making so much noise. Walking back I ran into the group with the dogs and I asked them if they had seen the eagle. They said, “we were all saying wow, look how close that eagle is to that lady.”

That got me thinking. Yesterday I went to officially register us for LOWISA but discovered we needed a name for our sailboat. Then it came to me: Eaglet Our lovely little sailboat now has a name.

Random photos of the week: Skiing at Theodore Wirth Park on March 24th.


Buddy found a big stick.


Key Lime Pie for my birthday. It was delicious!


Look at all the snow at my parents house in Hudson, Wisconsin on March 28th!


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