Spring begins

Although the temperature here in Minneapolis does not feel like it’s spring, the glorious sunshine does. And with the sunshine comes thoughts of sunny days on our sailboat this summer. We still have ice on the lakes but sailing season seems near. Kevin has been in California for the past two week. When he comes home we will be rebuilding the cradle on the trailer of our sailboat. It is covered with long, green shag carpet over a wooden frame. The wooden frame is broken and needs to be replaced along with the 40 year old carpet. Kevin figured out a method to hoist the sailboat up and place it on a frame and hold it and then pull the trailer out leaving the sailboat on the frame. Just the thought of working on the trailer makes sailing season seem closer.

Last summer we went to North Carolina for a week and I spent one day at Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks. Later in the year this area got hit by Hurricane Sandy and areas of the road below were washed away. If you haven’t been to Cape Hatteras I highly recommend going. I don’t recommend taking photos while driving.


I like being at the furthest points.


Seagulls entertain.


Dreams of the coming summer. Sunshine streaming down on our lovely little sailboat.


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