2012 was a good year

After losing Andy dog on New Year’s Eve I didn’t want a new dog because Andy was the best dog ever. But after two weeks of not having him, the hole he left in our lives was too great. We got Buddy — a silly, does not listen, failed four months of obedience school labradoodle. He managed to fall through the ice into Minnehaha Creek at 11-weeks old on a 5 degree winter day. Two months later he fell off a dock into the Mississippi River in April. I thought these two experiences would scar him for life but it seems to have done just the opposite. He loves the water and the outdoors. Now if I could only get him to BE A GOOD DOG and LISTEN TO ME.


We bought a sailboat — a 19-foot Johnson Y boat. It’s a lean, mean racing machine. We hope to do a lot of sailing this upcoming year as we learn the ropes.


I learned to lobby and in doing so saved a swimming pool by getting $2.1 million dollar in state bonding money.


We enjoyed two great vacations: Lake Superior sailing and camping, and a week in North Carolina.


We stayed at the luscious South Pier Hotel for a night.


We watched big boat come in. This is the 1005 foot American Spirit coming into the harbor in Duluth.



Buddy and Kevin at Trail’s End. Buddy’s first night of camping.


We hiked along Lake Superior.


We spent a week in North Carolina. I toured the Outer Banks of Cape Hattarias.


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