One year of missing Andy

We lost Andy on New Year’s Eve last year. Looking at photos from his last day I can see better now than a year ago how much he was hurting. He looked scared but even so I didn’t want to let him go after twelve great years together. He was such a good dog.

I wish Andy was still with us, still young and spunky, still carrying big sticks, still chasing squirrels, still following me down the trail, still going on vacation posing for photos. But he’s not. What’s left of him is sitting in a can on our mantle.

How do you gracefully navigate life with all it’s grief and loss?

Kevin put this collage together for Lisa at Matt’s Bar who adored Andy. Every time Kevin went to Matt’s Lisa would send a doggie bag with a hamburger and fries home for Andy. From the top left: Andy playing ball with Kevin, in the 2011 snowmageddon, playing more ball with Kevin, his first camping trip, playing ball with Kevin.



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